Idea, reality, award: Christiansen Print wins twice at the BG ETEM 2018 Prevention Award presentation for its innovative small roller system

Always more than you’d expect:
The ETEM professional association presents the Prevention Award every two years. Projects that clearly promote occupational health and safety are awarded. At the award presentation ceremony on 14 June 2018 in Bremen, Christiansen Print didn’t just pick up the industry award in the Printing and Paper Processing category but was also honoured with the audience award for the best idea out of the six industry winners.

Setting up our huge CI flexo presses has challenged the whole body up until now: changing plate cylinders weighing up to 220 kg demanded considerable physical effort from our staff. Owing to the weight and the necessary sliding movements, shoulders and backs are particularly prone to great strain.
Which is why we searched for a technical solution that allows much easier handling of bars and rolls during setup while fully protecting our fitters' health.
The team came up with a clever idea: fitting small rollers on the bars and coupling bars of all the setup, collection and transport carts to make the printing plates slide smoothly.

The “small roller system” project was primarily intended to set new standards in health prevention. €100,000 were provided by company management for this and the retrofitting gradually began in September 2016. Carrier and coupling bars were first machined by an external metal company, then fitted with ball bearings and small rollers in house and mounted back into the carts without interrupting printing. Obviously, every free resource in production was used to perform those individual steps. Within the cross-shift project team, workers helped each other, so that output was not impacted. We completed the retrofitting of all setup, collection and transport carts for both CI flexo presses by mid-2017.

The investment was well worth it! There has been considerable and tangible improvement permeating all aspects of setting up.
The small roller system facilitates our fitters' work enormously. During the change-over, cylinders now "float" relatively quickly over the row of ball rollers fitted on the carrier bars. As a result, the effort required for moving printing plates has decreased by 80%!

We are thrilled with the new lightness and flexibility across the board and the awards from the ETEM professional association!



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