Switch to tesaTwinlock® fully completed at Ilsenburg

Innovative activation station to be commissioned at Christiansen Print.

Unique technology at the Ilsenburg site: After three months' work, our CI flexographic printing technology has completely switched to tesaTwinlock®. This new method makes it possible to mount printing plates onto cylinders or base sleeves without using adhesive plate mounting tape. Within 3 months we have changed our entire stock, i.e. more than 300 sleeves in all formats.

"The advantage of self-adhesive sleeves is, on the one hand, the high standardisation involved and, on the other, the possibility of further optimising processes," explains Björn Vorlop, Operating Engineer at Ilsenburg. "But we can also improve our print performance and make production more sustainable by avoiding waste."

Especially developed for this purpose by Dollberg and tesa, the world's unique activation station is to come into operation in February 2019.

This machine will enable us to clean two sleeves and activate their tackiness fully automatically at the same time and without using solvents. The time savings involved are enormous: in the past, it took about 20 minutes to activate a sleeve whereas today, it only takes 8 minutes for two sleeves — that's five times faster.

It is at least as fast as it took the printers in charge to get used to this new, user-friendly mounting method. Shortly before completing the change — there was still one format to convert — some of them found it quite nerve-wracking to have to go through the "good old" procedure again and use tape. Once again, we have brought our vision to life and set the standards of the future together!



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