Christiansen Print Garancières, France

In Garancières-en-Beauce near Paris we work on one of the most state-of-the-art belt printers worldwide which has the capacity to implement projects with a print length of up to 4,572 mm. Thanks to its continuous printing process with minimal setup times, it is also ideal for the cost-optimised production of small batch sizes.

Garancières: Contact details

Christiansen Print Garancières SAS

La Haute Epine, ZA Dièpe,
28700 Garancières-en-Beauce/France
phone: +33 237 2464 66
fax: +33 237 2464 75

Garancières: Data and Facts CONPRINTA Belt Printers

The most modern belt technology worldwide, in a stand-mounted design
8/7 inks and varnishes; paper breadth up to 250 cm:
Specially developed and patented for the requirements of corrugated cardboard production.

Print length of up to 450 cm
Range length of up to 4,572 mm; over 500 available print lengths, from 1,177 mm to 4,572 mm.

Cost-optimised production of small batch sizes
Continuous printing process with minimal setup time.

Garancières − Multiple award-winner

Christiansen Print Garancières is a multiple record-holder as its specific achievements have won repeated awards. It won all 4 top prizes in one year in the Concours Flexostar, organised by the Association Technique Française de Flexographie (ATF) – the first company ever to achieve this in the history of the competition. In the FTA Europe Diamond Awards awarded for the first time in 2016, our French site also shone with immediate acclaim winning second and third prize in its category.