HP PageWide web press for printing industrial packaging, cardboard boxes and displays digitally

Digital packaging printing: A real benefit for consumers, brand owners, industry and trade.

Digital printing unlocks a world of utterly new opportunities in product, shipping and commercial packaging or displays.

Since 2017, we have been supporting industry, retail and brands in meeting the higher demands placed on product, display and transport packaging and in exploiting the resulting market opportunities. To this end, we are providing know-how and high-end technology, e.g. the largest multi-lane digital press for corrugated packaging currently available on the market, HP PageWideT1100S, as well as a fully digitized workflow.
Digital packaging printing not only offers the advantage of segmentation, versioning or personalisation — regardless of batch size or substrate — but also closes security gaps by integrating individual serial numbers and link technology. Moreover, it helps to shorten time-to-market, reduce waste and keep inventory to a minimum. Digital printing creates areas of communication for smart shoppers on corrugated packaging and displays, connects consumers, brands, industry and trade, and provides valuable insight into consumer behaviour. With digital packaging printing, responding to new customer needs and wants works faster and more profitably now than ever before while overall costs are optimised and the print quality remains outstanding.  
Unlike traditional digital preprint, which has been exclusively associated with small or varied print jobs so far, the HP PageWide T1100S press also supports the cost-effective production of longer runs which are printed in the individual lanes using the multi-lane process. In other words, technology can also meet brand owners' packaging needs in the FMCG segment, both in terms of volume and flexibility.

Digital packaging printing for industry and trade.

"What role will packaging play in tomorrow's retail trade?" According to a recent study by IFH Cologne, there are, in Germany alone, 64.25 million consumers who use their smartphones or tablets every day to surf the Net. These are smart shoppers who are ready for real interaction with brands and trade — and their number is growing as fast as their demands!

According to this study, 65% of consumers — and even 78% of smart consumers — expect their smartphones to be able to read out additional product information from the packaging in order to make targeted, safe and convenient product choices. In addition, one in three consumers expresses interest in a personalised shopping experience with better options for interaction via the product or the point of sale.
Generally speaking, there is a need for greater consumer involvement when it comes to how products and services are sold, packaged, shipped and used.

Digital packaging printing — what are the benefits for industry and trade?
Digital printing enhances security and handling:
Individual serial numbers and link technology help to make branded goods both counterfeit-proof and more convenient to handle. It means tracking & tracing throughout the entire supply chain and up to 40% shorter waiting times at counters and cash registers.

Digital packaging printing creates areas of communication:
Combined with digitally printed packaging, technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are opening up utterly new dimensions for interacting with consumers. Living, working, playing, socialising and shopping: with digital printing, retailers can target consumers individually at exactly the right moment and build customer loyalty before, during and after their purchase.

Gain valuable data from digital printing:
In store, pre- & post-purchase: analysing and evaluating consumer behaviour. Digital links embedded in the packaging enable you to gain deeper insight into consumer behaviour. Observe, evaluate, regulate, personalise, and react faster to new needs and wants.

Get to market faster and at a lower cost with digitally printed packaging:
Suitable for huge or tiny print runs, for shipping, product, industrial or commercial packaging and displays. Reducing time to market, cutting waste, keeping inventory as low as possible, optimising total costs and supply chains, responding to customer needs — all this works faster and more efficiently now than ever before — and the print quality remains outstanding as always!

Sell better with digital packaging printing:
Segment, version, personalise, celebrate every season, every region, every generation with different packaging and different displays — and generate higher margins! Because buyers tend to spend more on individualised products.

Digital packaging printing for brand owners.

Digital packaging printing unlocks a world of new opportunities for brand owners — potentials and prospects that truly remain unexploited with other printing methods.
Since 2017, we, as the leading preprint specialist in Germany, have been helping national and international brands take advantage of digital transformation and its opportunities by providing them with know-how and impressive technology - e.g. the largest multi-lane digital press for corrugated packaging currently available on the market - as well as with a fully digitized workflow.

Get closer to consumers more rapidly, more flexibly, more safely — and at a lower cost:  
With individual serial numbers and link technology, digitally printed packaging makes branded products both counterfeit-proof and more convenient to handle.

By segmenting, versioning and personalizing packaging designs, it is easy to fulfill consumers' wishes for more customized shopping experiences, no matter how large or small the print run. In addition, digitally printed packaging provides access to consumers through a door opener that is critical to the future of retail: communication.
Packaging becomes an area of communication between brands and consumers as well as between the real and the digital world.
Observing and evaluating consumer behaviour, regulating, personalising and reacting faster to new needs and wants — with digital packaging printing, you can gain deeper insight into consumer behaviour and target consumers individually at exactly the right moment as well as build customer loyalty before and after their purchase.

Brand owners gain a real competitive edge through reduced time-to-market and optimised costs.
To this end, we have implemented a cross-company digital workflow and we have automated repro work that used to be done manually using the Cloud as a base. This way, we have succeeded in cutting delivery times to one fifth of the usual time.

Digital Pack - we are a member of the world's first network for digital packaging printing.

Founded in June 2019 by HP and nine other companies, Digital Pack is the world's first brand-driven digital printing network group for corrugated packaging and displays.

It is dedicated to brands' success through digitally printed graphics packaging and displays. Another one of its goals is to provide the speed, the efficiency and the agility required to achieve successful marketing and supply chain outcomes.

The association, which regularly meets in North America and Europe, is developing further ways to enhance companies' purchasing experience with corrugated board. It involves creating joint educational programmes and tools to inform brands about advertising opportunities unlocked by digital print. Digital Pack is also working to make prepress and print processes and workflows easier for brands.
This way, every corrugated converter can leverage and scale the solutions and services offered via the Digital Pack network.