Our trainers

Every day, our trainers give their best to train the young people of tomorrow: our apprentices. With our claim to provide young people with future-oriented training with different perspectives, we form the basis for future specialists and managers.

Nicole Dentler, trainer in Ilsenburg

"Together or not at all" is her motto: Nicole Dentler, born in 1982, works in Human Resources and has been responsible for training our commercial trainees since 2019.

Nicole Dentler joined the company as a commercial clerk in 2007. After completing her own training programme, she initially joined the bookkeeping department of a large industrial firm and gathered further professional experience as a systems manager for a shared radiological practice. “Then I saw a job listing for Christiansen Print and I learned about this young, modern company here in Ilsenburg. I thought it was an absolute fascinating choice. I applied immediately and three days after my interview I was hired.”

Nicole Dentler has come to oversee a diverse spectrum of responsibilities at Christiansen Print. But training of young employees is and remains one of her favourite topics. Nicole Dentler is herself a trainer for young commercial clerks, but also bears responsibility for coordinating all training programmes throughout the company. She really enjoys working with the other trainers to develop and implement new concepts and ideas: "We trainers work closely with all departments here at Christiansen Print. We are also just as intensely involved with leveraging synergies with the different locations. The Christiansen Print locations in Germany are very well networked – which positions them very well as places to do a training programme".

For Nicole Dentler, it’s important that the rising specialists can rely on clear structures during their training time at Christiansen Print. And that they know: “Personal contacts’ doors are always open, and there’s a solution for everything. We give constructive feedback and targeted support, promote teamwork and personal initiative — which establishes the base of trust for personal development and real ties to the company,” the trainer says of her overall programme philosophy.

Dentler, who has a son, is also active and creative in her free time. She enjoys handicrafts and home repairs, as well as a good walk in the fresh air: “That clears your head right up!”

Michael Herbst, trainer in Northeim

Michael Herbst has been in Northeim since completing his apprenticeship in 1978; since 1998, he’s been a dedicated trainer. In other words, Herbst has been in (roll) pre-printing from the get-go. His professional journey began with an apprenticeship as a packaging mechanic. In the 1990s, as a machine operator on the belt printing machines, he was actively involved in the further development of belt technology: “It was really interesting to work on the experimental printing press, using servo motor drive-engineering technology that was cutting-edge for that time.”

Michael Herbst is an Industrial Master in Printing and an occupational safety professional; since 2007, he has been a production manager in Northeim. Collaborating, listening, and motivating others is where he feels most in his element: “We work together to find solutions for production and technology problems. Nothing is impossible!”

Becoming a professional trainer was very important to him - he wanted to help young people learn while also advocating on their behalf. “Accept the challenge, stick it out, keep an open mind,” he tells his apprentices. His success has proven that he has the right idea: Northeim has already produced a state champion and even a national champion in the field of Flexo printing / print media technology.

In his free time, Herbst remains true to his love of powerful motors with serious horsepower - he and his son enjoy restoring LANZ hot-bulb tractors. “We’ve already got six vintage tractors in our collection, with models ranging from 1933 to 1950!”

Sven Müller, trainer in Ilsenburg

Born in 1968, Sven Müller has been a mechatronics engineer and apprentice trainer with Christiansen Print since 2015.
He himself started out as an industrial electrical engineer. Numerous professional development and educational programmes followed, as well as specialised on-the-job training in areas like electrical installation, refrigeration technology assembly and repair, electrical cabinet construction and planning.
Sven works at Christiansen Print’s Ilsenburg location as a mechatronics engineer, where he is responsible for maintaining and repairing our three giant printers. He’s also responsible for all of our building technology: “I have a very wide range of multifaceted responsibilities, including repairs, ordering replacement parts, and coordinating external providers.”

He also handles a very wide spectrum of challenging technological projects. “Here in Ilsenburg, for example,” he says, “I designed and installed the security system for the heating tunnel. Projects like those are especially fun.”
As a technological Jack-of-all-trades, he places importance on gathering experience and having confidence in one’s own abilities; working as a trainer gives him the opportunity to share that perspective with others. He wants to teach young future professionals values, show them avenues to professional development, and support them along their journey. “Be goal-oriented and stay the course,” he tells apprentices. “But do it all one step at a time. It’s important to set yourself smaller goals that are realistic and thus achievable. That will motivate you for the next step.”

Sven also maintains valuable technology in his free time, but on a much smaller scale than Christiansen Print’s gigantic systems: he collects and restores vintage radios. The oldest model in his collection is a 50s-era tube radio from East Germany.