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Through our continuous process of transformation, we’re working today to define excellence in tomorrow’s pre-print market. Together, we’ll secure our company’s success while creating fascinating career opportunities and helping you shape your personal future.

Be part of it – be the future.

Always in motion, forging new paths together, collaborating today to shape tomorrow: With our 170-person team spread across three European locations and our three exceptional pre-printing technologies, we’re the pinnacle of Europe’s pre-print market for high-quality printed corrugated-cardboard products.

As technological leaders, we helped launch a new era in the corrugated cardboard industry in 2017 by installing the HP PageWideT1100S - the world’s largest multi-lane digital pre-print system. Our Ilsenburg location now produces on three of the most cutting-edge printing giants on the market: the HP PageWide T1100S plus two of the largest central-cylinder Flexoprint machines in the world. In Northeim/Lower Saxony and Garancières, France, we use state-of-the-art belt technology. We have a total printing capacity of 450 million m² per year - thanks to a combination of resources offering unparalleled synergy and service performance.

We’re setting standards for the future. Now. That’s the vision behind everything we do. Through our continuous process of transformation, we define excellence in tomorrow’s pre-print market today.

Our employees are what make these changes happen. How? By contributing fresh ideas and approaches, re-shaping workflows and digital processes, and putting an even more personal touch on our partnerships with our customers.
Transparency, mutual respect, and trust are the foundations of everything we do. Openness is the key to the pioneering spirit of our thoughts and actions. Together, we’ll lead and drive the pre-print market, ensuring our success while offering you fascinating career options and plenty of opportunities to shape your personal future.

More possibilities than you’d expect


When it comes to community engagement, we are especially focused on society’s youngest members. Our goals: To create better conditions and starting opportunities for children, to facilitate self-responsibility, and to unleash potential - in order to create a better tomorrow for all of us. In pursuit of these goals, we support a wide variety of initiatives aimed at helping children and developing their strengths. Our current sponsorships range from the FC Ilsenburg Youth Football club, where many of our employees’ children play, to the Harz Association for Paediatric Cancer Patients e.V.


We’re raising the bar in sustainable health promotion through our Occupational Health Management (OHM) program, which recently received our professional association’s Prevention Award. We offer twice-weekly group workouts in-company, led by a qualified fitness coach. Christiansen Print covers the associated costs, and compensates 50% of time employees invest in their own health this way. Employees who participate at least once a month also enjoy special discounted conditions for private fitness club memberships.


Fostering people and potential: At Christiansen Print, the doors to your personal and professional development are wide open. New to the industry? Gain valuable experience. Seasoned professional? Take advantage of a wide variety of educational and developmental opportunities - earn your Master of Print Media Technology. Take your career to new heights - and experience the international pre-printing world through the eyes of the European market leader.


Responsible action by each individual makes a difference. This idea is at the very core of our beliefs. Flat hierarchies, clear company structures, individual appreciation, and a healthy, holistically organised working environment are beneficial and motivating to everyone.


We approach processes and communication in a completely new way. Our cloud-based, fully digitised process management integrates data and systems for everyone... but that’s only the beginning. Everyone - employees and customers, partners and facilities - can be incorporated into the digital workflow by the same means. It’s a clear and simple system that frees minds, smashes boundaries, and sets everything in motion.


Together, we can reach our goals. We use three technologies and the expertise of our specialists at three locations. Pooled knowledge and mutual support: our most valuable resources when it comes to realising synergies and working in consistently solution- and customer-oriented ways. They make us what we are: Europe’s number one packaging printer.