Communicating one to one with each other. Christiansen Print's new employee app

Sharing knowledge in the swarm and simplifying internal operations.

Communicating with each other everywhere at any time is possible today at our three locations in Germany and France: Since November 2018, we have been using the employee app "Beekeeper", a digital tool that enables us to reach all employee groups on their smartphones. Exchanging information and feedback quickly and directly in real time, sharing and managing knowledge »in the swarm«, top down like bottom up.

Every Christiansen Print team has unlimited access to a pool of information that helps them in their work — whether on the road or from their workplaces. Information from meetings or training content can be accessed quickly and readily. The integrated chat function creates new ways for employees to communicate instantly with each other: "Everybody can present their projects and keep their colleagues posted on progress and success," explains Franziska Enzenberg, Head of Human Resources. Problems and solutions can also be shared in this way. This promotes cooperation and strengthens the engagement of all "Christiansen printers".

Yet, this tool does not only boost internal communication. The efficiency of the new app can be felt in many different areas. Inspired by our employees, we are currently planning to use Beekeeper to conduct a test run of a completely new tool. In the long term, the idea behind this tool is to have shift schedules displayed via the app to give employees more flexibility and security when planning personal events, such as holidays.

In addition, we plan to conduct our first app-assisted employee satisfaction survey in the near future. Using this app will help us to target our surveys better, to receive fast, qualified feedback as well as direct evaluations, and to respond to them in the same direct way.

Only three months have passed and we can already draw a positive conclusion: Our new app is a one-to-one corporate communication tool that involves everybody, promotes understanding and commitment as well as innovation and togetherness. "Communication between colleagues from various Christiansen Print locations has improved considerably," confirms Ulrike Tom, Business Process Coordinator at Ilsenburg. Communication with the French team at Garancières even works twice as well as it used to since our French colleagues have been able to retrieve their messages in their preferred language using an integrated translation function.


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