More storage space than ever before! Our new warehouse hall at Ilsenburg.

Higher capacity and optimised warehouse design.

Creating space intelligently.
After a ten-month construction period that lasted from March to December 2018, our new warehouse went into operation at the beginning of 2019: a direct extension to the hall that accommodates our HP PageWide T1100S, the world's most modern digital web press.

The new warehouse in figures.
Approximately 1,900 m² of floor space plus additional storage for 900 reels: we can now accommodate about 1,600 reels in total at Ilsenburg. To do so, we have invested around 1.5 million euros in the construction of the new hall.

The basis for a new warehouse layout.
By moving into the new building, we were able to close our external warehouse, cut storage costs and lay the foundations for the internal restructuring of our warehouse layout. As a matter of example, we have created special preparation areas for future orders.

Optimizing the flow of goods.
Shorter distances, better time management, and more flexibility: space savings and a new inventory system are having a positive impact on the entire production chain which can directly benefit our customers.

More flexibility. More freedom.
Standard papers in stock: by storing a selection of standard papers, we can achieve shorter response time and higher flexibility in planning orders. 

"Light heavyweights" — now on rails.
Special transport technology that is integrated into the hall: The Patras rail system used for loading and unloading our digital press, including the unpacking station that goes with it, is able to safely carry paper reels of up to three tonnes to their destination.

Even more efficient in the future.
Two gates for a better workflow: in the future, incoming and outgoing goods will be handled at different gates in the warehouse, making this part of the process chain more efficient than ever.


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