Engaging with and for people. Franziska Enzenberg, Head of Human Resources.

From hotel management to packaging: A career success story.

"I enjoy working with and for people: recognising and promoting their potential, accompanying them in their development and, this way, retain them". A trained hotel specialist, Franziska Enzenberg graduated as a business economist in hospitality management before working as a deputy director at a golf hotel complex from 2010 to 2016. There she was in charge of personnel, training, accounting and event planning, with teams of up to 80 employees.

Later she started a family and decided to return to her old home in Ilsenburg. There she rediscovered Christiansen Print: "I have childhood memories that connect me to today's company premises. When I was a child and a teenager, I used to play and drive around the premises on my moped!
This is what motivated her to send us an unsolicited application: "To me, Christiansen Print was a clear example of "Always more than you'd expect". I found the challenge of switching from the service sector to industry particularly exciting, and I also liked the Danish corporate culture and its flat structure approach. Another important criterion for me was the work-family balance."

Franziska Enzenberg initially started her career as an assistant to the Executive Board in 2018. Soon after that, she was also entrusted with Human Resources.
Since the beginning of 2019, she has been Head of HR assisted by a team of two employees. She is responsible for personnel management, employee recruitment and support as well as internal communication (executives and other employees) at all three Christiansen Print sites. Developing and expanding the employer brand is also part of her role.

Indeed, training and recruiting qualified specialists is the challenge of our time. As part of the THIMM group of companies, Christiansen Print takes part in a joint training and trainer programme that networks business areas and uses synergies across disciplines: "We want to encourage young people to learn a trade or a profession and to embrace the exciting career paths we can offer them. Exchanging ideas - not only within Christiansen Print - and pulling together is essential".

For the members of the Christiansen Print family, Franziska Enzenberg is the contact for all matters: "This is only possible if it's based on trust. It means being here on site, being attentive and keeping one's door open. People know me as a straightforward and honest person. Leading and inspiring, implementing new structures — that's what my role is about. But it's also about creating a workplace situation where people feel comfortable without losing track of the business benefit."

Introducing the employee app "Beekeeper" in 2018 therefore became the HR manager's pet project. This digital tool for one-to-one internal communication enables simple exchange between employees, at any place and any time. "It involves everyone, promotes commitment and innovation. Employee groups can be reached to conduct surveys, for example. As a result, communication has improved considerably between colleagues from various Christiansen Print locations," confirms Enzenberg who is glad about the success.

One of the Head of HR's next goals is to expand the company's health management scheme. Having two health days a year is to become a standard feature and company sport has to be intensified. In addition, there is already a special bike leasing offer to all employees of the THIMM Group: they can cycle  to work or for leisure on their own dream bike!

Franziska Enzenberg, like 30 other Christiansen Printers so far, has gladly embraced the scheme. Because she loves to exercise: cycling, hiking, experiencing nature. Or working around the house, together with her daughter and family: "Nothing compares to home-grown fresh fruit or vegetables from your own garden! Gardening helps you ground yourself; everything is organic and just tastes twice as good".


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