Bringing new colours! Ilsenburg's successful switch to SIEGWERK printing inks.

Excellent printing results - new standards in sustainability.

Since May 2019 the Ilsenburg site too has been using SIEGWERK's UniXYL ink series for its flexographic printing activities. The eco-friendly, water-based ink range has been specially developed for various paper and board applications. Made from bio-mass and other renewable materials, UniXYL inks provide outstanding print quality — and an attractive alternative to conventional inks, too.

Another decisive factor for changing inks -beside sustainability - was the expected synergy effect between the three Christiansen Print sites in Europe: "Using SIEGWERK's advanced inks has already paid off at our Northeim and Garancières sites. So it made sense to bundle our requirements and cooperate with this supplier in Ilsenburg, too," explains Björn Vorlop, the production engineer in charge at Ilsenburg.

Long before the planned move, our Ilsenburg team had carefully talked things through with SIEGWERK. The changeover itself was completed in one weekend — without any production downtime: "We stopped using the old inks on Friday and started production again on Sunday using the new ones", Vorlop summarises.

Emptying the ink lines down to the metering stations and rinsing them several times, filling the system and the metering unit with the new inks was only the visible part of the job: "At the same time, we kept taking samples in the background in order to reproduce the old colours and print quality congruently". In addition, ink recipe databases had to be adapted to take new recipes into account. Eventually, the new ink series was ready for use on Sunday.

Perfect preparation, teamwork based on partnership, shared quality awareness down to the last detail: the changeover went almost without a hitch. Björn Vorlop: "Even afterwards, in the first week of production, we got strong support from SIEGWERK, who repeatedly checked samples and immediately corrected any critical point. Both the SIEGWERK employees, who were on site 24 hours a day, and our colleagues from the Christiansen Print colour lab did a great job!"


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