Training as mechatronics technicians at Christiansen Print. Specialists who make our flexo and digital printing run smoothly.

Without their support, there would be pin drop silence in our preprint production halls!

The world's largest multi-lane digital web press for corrugated board packaging, two huge CI flexo presses and a fully digital workflow that connects all work processes and our three European sites: to make sure that everything runs smoothly at all times, we have mechatronics technicians — smart colleagues who are familiar with mechanics, electronics and the information technology behind it.

They check hardware, software and circuits, maintain and repair systems, install, code and configure systems, plan and control work processes: "The technical basis is what we provide. Because what actually matters is that mechanical, electronic and digital components work together smoothly," explains Sven Müller who has been working as a mechatronics technician at Ilsenburg since 2015 and training our apprentices in this occupation since 2019. "Today Christiansen Print is preparing for the future, especially in the field of digital transformation. And we, mechatronics technicians, are right in the middle of it — just like in 2016 as our digital printing press was installed and commissioned, a premiere in the European packaging market."

Mechatronics technician has been a recognised trade since 1998. The prerequisites are: secondary education, technical understanding and skills, dexterity and good hand-eye coordination. Key school subjects are maths, physics and computer science. In the German "dual" training system, the apprenticeship takes 3.5 years and is partly provided on the shopfloor and at vocational school — to allow theory and practice to complement each other.

And practice at Christiansen Print is particularly complex and varied! Not only does our mechatronics team make sure that our printing giants run smoothly, they also take care of specialist maintenance and repair in our building services. And instructor Sven Müller to add: "For example, it was me who designed and installed the safety system of the ventilation tunnels here at Ilsenburg. The projects we work on are varied and exciting, and everything boils down to team play. We, mechatronics technicians, have to deal with almost all "Christiansen Printers" in the plant — with print media technologists at the presses as well as with colleagues from the planning department. That's the great thing about it."

In industry, mechatronics technicians are the interface between the invisible part of production — software, process controls, communication systems — and hardware, machines and systems. Mechatronics technicians are simply indispensable: with their help, our innovations become tangible, everyday reality in digital packaging printing. This is a future-oriented occupation, which is why it has excellent career prospects.
At Christiansen Print, for example: people who are curious are always welcome to start an internship with us: that's the best way for them to become familiar with the job and to get to know our company!

After completing their apprenticeship, mechatronics technicians can take advantage of a wide range of career development opportunities, e.g. qualify as master craftsmen specialised in mechatronics (CCI) or as technicians specialised in mechanical engineering. If they wish to extend their qualifications, they can qualify as technical specialists or get a Bachelor of Engineering degree in general mechatronics or mechatronics applied to production and manufacturing.


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