Turning the pyramid! An interview with Porsche Consulting and Christiansen Print.

Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Mirjam Mareis, Senior Consultant at Porsche Consulting

1 # @ Mirjam Mareis
Companies that work lean – what is different about their approach?

_Mirjam Mareis
First of all, the companies ensure transparency. This creates clarity about their own productivity. So it's much easier to meet the requirements of the market. “What can my production achieve? What does my customer promise say?” are the core questions. Once I know the answers, I can – starting from the product – optimise the processes and workflows in the company. At Porsche Consulting we call that “concentrating on the essential”. What we mean by this is effectively and efficiently deploying resources when it comes to materials, labour and know-how.

2 # @ Mirjam Mareis
Growth and expansion, in whatever form, does not necessarily mean the same thing as success. How can lean management support entrepreneurial success before and during growth?

_Mirjam Mareis
Success means: fully deploying your own strength on the streets. In the ideal case, the strength used turns into the greatest possible achievement. Lean working creates the structures that enable growth from your own energy. It’s about optimising existing skills as well as using potential that is not yet exploited.

3 # @ Henrik Jensen
Without a doubt, this is particularly relevant in the merger of two companies into a successful team, like most recently Christiansen Print and France Flexo. Where does the greatest challenge consist of here?

_Henrik Jensen
In the different cultures, ways of thinking and language barriers. We are working on creating a joint platform that – independent of this – draws on the values and goals of the Christiansen Print brand. On our workflows and processes, both technologically and with regard to staff. In this way, complexity can be reduced, synergies revealed and exploited.

_Mirjam Mareis
Exactly.  The lean philosophy doesn’t stop after production processes are pared down. Combined with operational excellence in the entire company – and this includes top management – companies can achieve a complete change in culture. The exemplary integration of the new Christiansen Print location Garancières/France is an impressive indication of this.

_Henrik Jensen
French and German culture, not to mention the Scandinavian roots of our company: these are all quite different things! This requires a uniform, rational foundation in order to conduct the integration successfully. Our lean experiences support us here immeasurably. That’s because lean basically puts all cultural differences into perspective. Only in this way can we concentrate on what we have in common, exploit synergies and strengths. The vision that leads us is repeatedly the big motivator here: “We are defining the standards of the future – today.”


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Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen-Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Michael Schmidt, Lean-Manager at Christiansen…


Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Mirjam Mareis, Senior Consultant at Porsche…