Right now – don’t wait for tomorrow! Steering toward Industry 4.0 with lean management

Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen-Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Michael Schmidt, Lean-Manager at Christiansen Print.

4 # @ Michael Schmidt
New motivation, new organisational structures: What has lean working changed in the thinking and heads of the Christiansen Print team?

_Michael Schmidt
Our employees support the permanent optimisation of operational workflows with valuable ideas and solutions. We’ve automated the creation of XML files by means of special in-house software, for example: this makes the data available simultaneously for both assembly machines, saves time during data creation and reduces errors. Another example concerns cleaning the spray nozzles of our mixing plant – no drying up, no switching, a noticeable savings in material costs and labour.

5 # @ Michael Schmidt
Have internal communication and coordination improved as well?

_Michael Schmidt
Absolutely. Our employees are giving their own work even more attention – they’re wide awake, briefly discussing among themselves in order to adapt to each other’s optimised ways of working. Discovering weak points or realising how you can do it better: this benefits all teams, and not just one.

6 # @ Henrik Jensen
What role do customers play as instigators for lean management?

_Henrik Jensen
The print market is constantly in flux at a rapid pace. We pick up on the rising requirements and show that we are covering them quickly and solidly. We do this with transparency in the processes, shortening flow paths and delivery times with the highest possible claim to quality. Doing precisely the right thing for every printing order: Basically, we have prepared everything so optimally that we only have to work through the individual desires of the customer.

7 # @ Henrik Jensen
What are the coming tasks for 2016/17?

_Henrik Jensen
We are realising our “Industry 4.0” in purposeful steps, which – entirely in the sense of lean – means far more than just highly flexible production using state-of-the-art technology. Above all, it’s about the strong customisation of solutions and services for our customers, in order to be able to offer them even more convenience and simplicity – by radically rethinking, redefining and steering processes anew.

8 # @ Henrik Jensen
What do these new forms of digital corporate organisation look like?

_Henrik Jensen
We are driving the integration of all the partners in the value-adding process – customers, suppliers, service providers – forward on all levels in order to shape them seamlessly. To achieve this, we are now already using the digital workflow of the future: PrintConnect. The cloud-based, fully digitalised process control has been in use in our work preparation since 2014. There it sees to 100% documentation and the highest level of data security, for transparent workflows and clear competencies for all those involved in the workflow. We are now expanding its use: to our administration, the operational planning and production.
Absolute transparency even with our new evaluation and data analysis software: With it, we can clearly recognize and remove weak spots in our corporate organisation and build on strengths. In this way we are making safe, fact-based decisions for tomorrow already today. “Organising” our vision with complete consistency: Defining the standards of the future for the preprint industry – now.


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Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen-Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Michael Schmidt, Lean-Manager at Christiansen…


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