98 football fields a day. With heavy machinery and smooth, feather-light precision.

Always more than you’d expect: Maximum web width: 2 500 mm, printing width: 2 480 mm, printing length: 2 060 mm: Guests at the Christiansen Print Open Day held in July 2015 as part of our anniversary activities were doubly impressed by the dimensions of our high-tech machinery. Indeed, our first flexo press "Blue" was complemented by its identically-built and compatible 540 m/min fast counterpart, "Red" as early as in 2011.  In the dynamic flexographic pre-print industry we once again stood out with dimensions that were unfamiliar to the market. Two printing presses producing simultaneously in one location: That means a potential volume of 180 million m² a year and an output of 700 000 m² a day, which corresponds to 98 football fields! It multiplies synergies, shortens response times and brings valuable resources together. Anilox rollers, sleeves and adaptors are used on both machines and unused printing units can be mounted during production.
Furthermore, 100% print inspection is ensured by our digital web monitoring system Eltromat twin_check. A line-scan camera and two matrix cameras are able to compare the reference with the current printed image at production speed. Colour deviations or paper defects are immediately detected to avoid downtime and waste. Supported by the outstanding quality awareness of Christiansen Print employees our technology ensures unsurpassed safety, delivery reliability and cost effectiveness.


Always more than you’d expect: A week long Lean-Workout with Porsche Consulting.
New view, new thinking, new concentration, new focus.


Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen-Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Michael Schmidt, Lean-Manager at Christiansen…


Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Mirjam Mareis, Senior Consultant at Porsche…