The perfect "F1 pit stop job": Processes at Christiansen Print.

Always more than you’d expect: Improving efficiency and quality in all areas of the company: Launched in September 2013, our LEAN management scheme was initiated - and is audited annually - by Porsche Consulting. We are all relentlessly committed to LEAN core topics and listen attentively to our customers' opinions.     Corporate suggestion schemes result in projects that help to optimise production and administration processes, e.g. reducing waste and plate follow-up costs, using consumable products thoughtfully or improving the throughput of new orders. Our common goal is: Minimising response time while ensuring maximum dependability, 100% quality, delivery and process reliability. Every print job is like a well-done "F1 pit stop" job!

Moreover, Christiansen Print obtained the ISO 50001 certification in December 2014. To us, the issue of energy management is closely related to our LEAN agenda which is about reducing waste. Heat recovery, power factor correction, variable speed compressors reducing our compressed air energy consumption: savings have already been achieved in first projects.

Defining the highest standards for the pre-print industry also implies that We adopt a completely new way of dealing with processes and communication and that we use tomorrow's digital Workflow today, something we already do. The advanced tool we use is PrintConnect. This cloud-based, fully digital process control tool has been in use in our work preparation department since 2014.  It ensures transparency in the operations related to the release and plate ordering process. It helps to clearly define the responsibilities of all Workflow participants. 100% documentation and cost control, maximum data security and error reduction.

By integrating this new system, we are paving the Way for designing a seamless and lean value creation process together with our partners - customers, suppliers and service providers. Similarly, we are working towards controlling the interaction of all the parties involved in an agile way. This is how we are safely taking all the energies, performance and quality, which are to remain unmatched in the future too, back to basics.


Always more than you’d expect: A week long Lean-Workout with Porsche Consulting.
New view, new thinking, new concentration, new focus.


Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen-Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Michael Schmidt, Lean-Manager at Christiansen…


Always more than you’d expect: In conversation: Christiansen Print Managing Director Henrik Jensen and Mirjam Mareis, Senior Consultant at Porsche…