Digital Process Control

Six machines at three sites, three innovative preprint technologies, central planning and lean processes. With this teamwork we can take advantage of our unique technological capacities and potential and releasesynergies, with the support of full digital process control.

Full digital process control for a smooth workflow

The most advanced tool for connecting everything together is our cloud-based, fully-digitalised process control, which can control and manage the entire printing process chain and all technical and commercial aspects from project planning to completion – in one seamless system. Removing borders, easily and transparently.

This enables companies and sites to be interconnected in a digital workflow and data and systems to be integrated on a common basis, creating an open environment that we are constantly redefining for developments and the highest demands. Easy and clear for users. A liberation from paper, media disruptions and misunderstandings.


Digital process control creates common growth

Digital process control has been used at Christiansen Print since 2014 and it connects, using an order as the basis, the repro companies, the customers` print and CAD experts and our own job preparation function.

It ensures transparent and automated workflows in the approval and print plate ordering process and clear competencies for all parties involved in the workflow, along with optimum support for 100% documentation and cost control, maximum data security and error reduction.

This means we not only cultivate an efficient way of handling order processing through processes and communications, but also create the best conditions for accompanying and promoting common growth.