Affordable Preprint

Very simple from roll to roll. Preprint is a process in which entire paper rolls are printed which are then applied in the corrugated cardboard plant onto the corrugated cardboard substrate and further processed into cardboard boxes for product and transportation packaging or displays. Preprint is both an extremely high-quality and cost-effective process for the print image. Digital printing, belt and CI flexo printing: With its different preprint technologies, Christiansen Print not only offers the utmost efficiency for every preprint project but also the widest variety in the execution of the many different quality and functional requirements of a packaging project.

Digital Preprint: Affordable preprint for brands, the retail sector and the corrugated cardboard industry

Digital printing is a contactless printing process which does not require separate print media or print forms. As the print images are digitally transferred directly by PDF to the printing press there is no need for the laborious machine setup, to mention just a few of the economic benefits of digital preprint. The world’s biggest HP PageWideT1100Ssystem at the Ilsenburg site is the perfect addition to Christiansen Print’s belt and CI flexo printing systems. It opens up new benchmarks of efficiency for the corrugated cardboard processing industry and also for global brands.

Digital preprint at Christiansen Print – with HP PageWide T1100S – affordable and fast for all print run volumes

Save print costs.
Lower handling and preparation times than in an analogue environment, no printing plate costs and less waste paper. The low setup time translates into a significant cost benefit compared with other print processes.

Remain flexible. Minimise time and costs.
As many print images per roll as you want. It is the countless combinations of different print images on one paper roll that make digital preprint particularly affordable. Different projects and print runs can be processed simultaneously and with customised variations of the print image, in different formats and volumes.

Simplified order processing which saves warehousing.
Segmentation means cost optimisation and a faster workflow. Jobs can be placed in queues and produced together without any intermediate setup times. This means that consolidated orders of large print runs which require the corresponding warehousing space are a thing of the past.

The fastest response times with high levels of customisation – a must for a fast market launch and short product cycles. A quick printed image change ensures the shortest delivery times, e.g. for affordable test series, special campaigns or the use of seasonal packaging. Printing can of course also be personalised.

Printed cost-effectively from a single piece to large-scale order.
It is already well-known that digital preprint is a much more affordable processes for small batch sizes than traditional printing processes. However, unlike previous digital printing machines in common use in the market, the HP PageWide T1100Salso supports the cost-effective production of larger print runs. This makes small batch sizes just as efficient as orders of up to 50,000 m2.

Flexo preprint: Affordable preprint for corrugated cardboard processors and brand producers

In flexo printing every preprint project, irrespective of its complexity, can be implemented cost-effectively – with the smallest of print runs being just as affordable as comprehensive order volumes or unusual large formats.
Christiansen Print has two different technologies for this – Belt and CI (central cylinder). This constellation offers corrugated cardboard producers and brands a huge variety of printing options – always with the utmost quality performance along with the most cost-effective execution of their projects.


Affordable preprint on two identical Bobst 96 S CI cylinder flexo printing presses

Optimum flexibility and time saving.
•    Two of the biggest and most modern central-cylinder flexo printing presses in the world – identical in design and compatible with each other.
•    This guarantees the utmost flexibility, reliability of supply and fastest possible processing for every print order.

Cost minimisation through standardisation and automation.
•    Utmost speed and precision, low waste.
•    Automated, innovative sleeve changing technology and smartGPS on both printing presses reduces setup times and start-up waste which achieves maximum cost efficiency even with small batch sizes.

Process optimisation and more efficiency through unique, innovative technologies.
•    SteppedHex anilox roll technology minimises screen use, wash cycles and setup time.
•    tesa Twinlock®: The new process glues print forms onto cylinders and sleeves without the use of plate tapes which is  a huge cost and time saving.

Affordable preprint on CONPRINTA belt flexo printing presses  

Cost-optimised production even for small batch sizes.
•    No need to exchange cylinders.
•    Continuous printing process with minimal setup times, fast order changes and more flexibility.
•    Preprint volume on demand.

Cost-effective implementation of projects with a print length of up to 4,572 mm.
•    Affordable large-format preprint with first-class quality

Fully-automated data exchange.
•    IMD technology for maximum flexibility in terms of product customisation and production time.