In new dimensions.

CI, belt and digital preprint: the advantages of three different technologies present a unique constellation. Three sites in Germany and France, six presses with available capacities amounting to 450 million m² in total annually: the performance and reliability are unsurpassed.

This cost and quality leadership provides you and us with significant competitive advantages. As a strong and active partner in the corrugated industry, we stand out with more than what market knows and expects. Highest standards? We redefine the standards: Always more than you’d expect.

Facts and figures on the flexoprint printing presses at the Ilsenburg site

>> substrate-saving sleeve technology
8 colours + finish, 250 cm paper width and infinitely variable print lengths up to 206 cm:
We will carry out your print projects to the highest quality and at the optimum cost.

>> automatic work processes
Sleeve-switching technology and the innovative smartGPS system on both printing presses:
This reduces set-up times and start-up waste, allowing for maximum cost efficiency even with small print runs.

>> maximum flexibility
Two of the largest and most modern central impression flexographic printing presses in the world
- identical in construction and 100% compatible:
We guarantee maximum flexibility and reliable delivery for every print job.

Facts and figures on the digital printing press at the Ilsenburg site

>> innovative multi-lane print architecture
With paper width of 280 cm and a speed of 183 m/min, various different jobs can be printed on individual lines, differentiated according to the number of copies required.

>> unparalleled flexibility
Customizable and flexible, saving time and costs:
no plates, no colour mixing and no preparation time.
Processing function for variable dates, such as season-dependent layouts and bar- or security codes. Printing on a variety of coated and non-coated surfaces, using bonding and priming agents.

>> print
Print technology:
HP scalable thermal inkjet technology for demanding high-speed environment with a resolution of 1,200 dots per inch
4 colours (CMYK) water- and pigment-based for first-rate colour printing at offset level.

Facts and figures on the belt printing presses at the Northeim and Garancières sites

>> state-of-the-art belt printing technology  
8 / 7 colours + finish; paper widths up to 250 cm:
Especially developed and patented for the demands of the corrugated board industry.  

>> print lengths up to 457 cm
Up to 4572 mm range length; over 500 available print lengths from 1177 mm to 4572 mm.

>> cost-effective production of low print runs  
Continuous print process with minimum set-up times