Completely new prospects: togetherness in the Christiansen Print Team.
Philipp and Jonathan are training to be media technicians – a new job that requires formal training, which since 2011 has replaced the job of “Printer”. Philipp is in his first year, and Jonathan in his third year of training

Why did you choose this career and Christiansen Print as your training company?

PHIL: A friend of mine who works at Christiansen Print as a media technician told me about it. I then had a taster of two trial days and I thought it was great.

JON: In my 8th year at school, I did a placement at a printer’s and knew immediately that this was the career for me! I had only ever heard good things about Christiansen Print and so I applied there.

What were the conditions of employment?

JON: In the job interview they weren’t just fixated on my school grades. My personality and the fact that I was so motivated were the deciding factors.

PHIL: Of course, half-way decent grades are surely not a bad thing (grinning), as well as being physically fit and interested in technology. In this career you are constantly learning new things – it’s never boring.

JON: Actually, the most important thing is to be on-the-ball and to be able to think, discussing things with colleagues, approaching tasks together... and these skills are being exercised in the job on a daily basis. You get a feel for doing the right thing at the right moment.

Is it this togetherness, the team spirit, that surprised you the most?

PHIL: Definitely. It’s great how I was accepted straight away. My colleagues take me seriously – and they really know what they’re doing. They place their trust in me even though I have only recently joined.
Everyone supports each other, working towards a common goal. Nobody looks down on you. This makes you more independent and learn to take responsibility. It’s a really good feeling.

JON: Over time you get more and more of an idea of how the departments within the company interlink. The processes, the coordination, e.g. making allowances for paper, colour or block printing orders. In production, we has a direct interface to planning. I can meanwhile gauge what I can do to make sure that the end result is right. And when I have completed my apprenticeship I will be staying at Christiansen Print!