Sascha Vorlop: Bio of our trainer:

Sascha Vorlop is 41 years old and has been with the company since 2005, i.e. he has been a Christiansen Print employee since the very beginning.
Back then he, as a trained packaging mechanic, and his new co-workers in Ilsenburg were confronted with a gigantic challenge in the true sense of the word: The commissioning and the initial print job on the first "Fischer & Krecke 96S/", at this time the largest and most modern central impression flexographic printing press in the world. "Super exciting, super motivating. It was a great feeling to get everything up and running together", Sascha remembers.

Today, after more than 10 years of flexo and digital print experience, Sascha Vorlop is an allround specialist in these fields, and has consistently increased his qualifications since then: In 2007, he became the shift manager and since then has trained the apprentices at Christiansen Print. Next, he became a master in his field. Since 2011, he has worked at Christiansen Print as an industrial master of digital and print media while heading production.
In his free time, Sascha loves meeting sports challenges on mountain bike tracks and is an enthusiastic Carrera model car racer.