Christiansen Print − Vision and Values

Open doors, a high level of personal responsibility and short decision-making processes – behind our success is a team of highly-motivated, open-minded employees. People who every day repeatedly embody our pledge of “Always more than you’d expect” and launch it to the world. Today we are already defining the benchmarks of tomorrow in corrugated cardboard preprint. The foundation of our common thought-processes and actions is a heightened awareness for excellence, underpinned by transparency, trust and a spirit of partnership. These ideas that guide us are the keys to the success of Christiansen Print and are expressed in our vision and in our values.


Our vision



Our Values


We concentrate on the detail.
We are extremely alert and we are always aware, in the here and now, of the challenges of the task at hand.
The essential is the exciting – experience how efficient and easy preprint can be!



We move and change.
We are unbiased and open.
On the scale of possibilities, we don't recognise limits.
In defining challenges which create the ideal framework for best performance, we are continuously cultivating a new quality to our thought-processes and actions.


We are always full of surprises.
Already comprehending what tomorrow will bring, today we can define seemingly unachievable objectives, collaborate to smooth the path ahead to reach them and pass through all the stages together. This is how we exceed all expectations.


We cultivate long-term relationships.
High levels of personal responsibility and commitment are fundamental to us. Reliable, fair and loyal, we build on clarity and trust. We engage in dialogue with all our partners on an equal footing, aware that a WE can move more than an I. We are only happy when everyone is happy.