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Think internationally, develop limitless quality: Our more than 150 experienced employees are highly committed to the success of your preprint projects. Trust, cooperation based on partnership and short decision-making paths form the basis for this.

Christiansen Print currently has over 150 employees. At 3 locations in Germany and France, we are your preprint partner for high-quality printed packaging and displays made of corrugated cardboard.
Christiansen Print is a company of the THIMM Group.

Data and facts about Christiansen Print

Employees: >160

Locations: 3

Print capacity: Printing capacity: a total of 450 million m² per year

We at Christiansen Print

Just a short time after the company was founded in 2005 by Lars Christiansen, we are already number 1 in the European preprint market and prove to our customers every day anew that quality, safety and partnership are our top priorities.