Bobst 96 S CI flexo printing press

At Christiansen Print’s Ilsenburg site we produce in parallel on two of the world’s largest, most modern central-cylinder flexo printing presses, two identical Bobst 96 S CI systems (Fischer & Krecke). Powerful technology times two: maximum speed and accuracy, a low level of misprinted paper and continuous print lengths of up to 2.06 m. We are renowned for our innovative strength and are constantly redefining excellence, including in the field of CI flexo printing. For instance, we use SteppedHex, the smart anilox roll technology, tesaTwinlock®, the innovative sleeve system, and our prize-winning roll system for printing form cylinders, which simplifies working processes and protects the health of employees.


Facts and figures for Bobst 96 S CI central-cylinder flexo printing presses

Low-waste sleeve technology
8 inks and varnish; 250 cm paper width and continuous print lengths of up to 206 cm:
We execute your printing projects cost-effectively and to the highest level of quality.

Sleeve-changing technology
tesaTwinlock® self-adhesive sleeves: affixing printing blocks to cylinders and sleeves without using plate tapes.
Innovative Christiansen print roller system: floating printing form cylinders make set-up considerably easier.

Automatic working processes
Sleeve-changing technology and the innovative smartGPS on both printing presses:
this allows us to reduce set-up times and start-up waste for maximum cost efficiency even with small batch sizes.

Optimal flexibility
Two of the biggest and most modern central-cylinder flexo printing presses in the world – identical in design and compatible with each other: we guarantee the utmost flexibility and reliability of supply for any print job.


SteppedHex, the smart anilox roll technology for the flexo printing of the future

New efficiency, cost savings and standardisation in flexo printing processes − while optimising print quality: The high-performance anilox rolls with innovative SteppedHex engraving from Zecher are the result of developments by a project group under the leading manufacturer and developer of innovative anilox rolls, in conjunction with Christiansen Print. A technological system change and a new standard for the future, already in use at our Ilsenburg site.

With their microstructured surfaces, anilox rolls ensure that the printing ink is transferred to the impression cylinders in flexo printing. The previous standard – hexagonal engraving at 60° angles – meant that previously anilox rollers could only be used to print linework and screen options. As such, the anilox rollers had to be changed for every single working step – and for different linear forms, too.

It’s different with SteppedHex: in this case, three conventional 60° cells are arranged one behind the other in a specially offset configuration. This versatile cell arrangement now allows linework and screen options to be printed on coated paper with one and the same roller. This means that forms of printing that previously had to be executed separately can now be combined. Indeed, we can combine three previously separate linear forms on one anilox roller or in a single working step in the flexo printing process.

Less use, changing and transportation of rollers, quick allocation of inking units and reduced set-up times and wash cycles. This enables us to achieve a completely new, cost-saving process standard.
At the same time, there is a radical improvement in print quality in terms of gradients thanks to the higher 460 l/cm resolution and the minimisation of paint consumption. Homogeneous ink transfer, a smooth-running doctor blade and easy, optimal cleaning of the rollers after being used for flexo printing all arise from the better and more uniform emptying of the cells. Christiansen Print achieves holistic performance optimisation in CI flexo printing with SteppedHex.


tesaTwinlock® sleeves:
Innovative technology for flexo printing at Christiansen Print

tesaTwinlock®: The new process allows printing blocks to be affixed to cylinders and sleeves without using plate tapes. The benefits of the self-adhesive sleeves lie not only in the high level of standardisation and renewed process optimisation that they bring; we can also continue to improve the printing performance in this way and make production more sustainable, as we avoid waste.
We can now clean and activate two sleeves at the same time, fully automated and without contact with solvents in the world-unique innovative activation station. This results in enormous time savings: in the past, you would have to set aside around 20 minutes for the activation of a sleeve, but now we need just eight minutes for two sleeves – five times as fast. This makes central-cylinder flexo printing at Christiansen Print even more efficient.