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Whether as cardboard or packaging – paper can be used in a variety of ways and is the basis for sustainable packaging materials. Coating the papers that are used changes the properties thereby forming the basis for the production of recyclable monomaterials. Plastic use was yesterday – start using coated papers today!

Find out about the special features of ComBa® Liner from Christiansen Print

A special coating is required to ensure that papers remain resistant to water, fats, oils, heat and other physical influences. Christiansen Print’s ComBa Liners are coated with a water-based varnish in a special printing process. Applying the varnish creates a barrier that reduces water permeability and is also steam resistant. ComBa Liner coated paper is also characterised by reduced fat permeability which ensures that no oils penetrate the barrier over a defined period of time. Coating the papers creates acid resistance. This means that salad dressing residues cannot leak or soak into salad bowls made from corrugated cardboard.

Paper not plastic – sustainable and recyclable coatings

The use of plastic packaging, film coatings and other environmentally harmful packaging materials are now consigned to yesterday. By using ComBa Liner inside your cardboard, boxes, cartons and packaging, you are committing to a sustainable and recyclable alternative. 

Christiansen Print’s coated papers are both FSC-certified and ecologically degradable after use. Packaging consisting of ComBa Liner can be safely fed back into the recycled paper cycle once they are completely empty.

Paper coating applications

ComBa Liner is used as coated paper with a barrier effect in many different industry sectors, for example, as an inner liner for a solid cardboard box for meals and also as the inner liner for corrugated cardboard packaging for oily engines. Do you need packaging made from corrugated cardboard for direct food contact or transportation packaging for your fertiliser products, wood products or machine parts? Coated papers can also be used for these purposes.

ComBa Liner coated paper can be used for any application where a sustainable barrier has to be created. We would be happy to work with you to determine where you can dispense with your previously used composite packaging and support you in achieving your sustainability goals.

Verpackungen aus ComBa Liner
100% recyclable take-away packaging made of corrugated cardboard with coated paper for direct food contact

Technical facts

The grammages of the coated papers vary depending on the application and intended use. A coating can be applied to brown and white paper and standardised corrugated cardboard base papers are common. The barrier effect of ComBa Liner can be produced with various paper grammages. The coated papers can be produced in widths of 2.50 metres and therefore have the ideal requirements for use in packaging production.

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Demand for coated papers?

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