Training as a mechatronics specialist at Christiansen Print. Pros who keep our flexo and digital printing running smoothly.

19.12.2019 The world’s largest multi-lane digital printing installation for corrugated cardboard packaging, two giant central cylinder flexo printing installations and a fully digital workflow that combines all work processes and our three European sites: keep all that running smoothly requires smart colleagues with a handle on mechanics, electronics and IT alike. In short: our mechatronics specialists.

They review hardware, software and circuitry, maintain and repair equipment, install, program and configure systems, plan and control work processes: “We deliver the technological basis. Anywhere where mechanical, electronic and digital components need to work together smoothly”, says Sven Müller. Since 2015 he’s worked as a mechatronics specialist at the Ilsenburg location, and since 2019 has been a trainer for our mechatronics apprentices. “In the area of digitisation in particular, Christiansen Print is already well ahead of the curve. And our mechatronics specialists are right in the thick of it — such as back in 2016 when we installed and put our digital printing machines into service, a first for the European packaging market”.

Mechatronics has been a state-accredited job profile since 1998. The requirements: intermediary secondary education, a feel for technology, manual skill and strong hand/eye coordination. Important school subjects are maths, physics and computer science. The dual academic/practice training lasts 3.5 years. We spend time on the company floors and at vocational school, supplementing theory with practice.

And the practice at Christiansen Print is especially varied! Our mechatronics crew ensures not just that everything is running smoothly for our giant printers — they are also responsible for expert maintenance and servicing of our building technology. Trainer Sven Müller says: “Here in Ilsenburg for example I designed and installed the security mechanisms for the heating tunnel. There is a wide range of really exciting projects and a lot of chances for great teamwork. We mechatronics specialists interact with almost everyone here at Christiansen Print, from the media technology specialists working on the print lines to the colleagues in scheduling. That's a lot of fun”.

In industry, mechatronic specialists serve as the liaisons between the invisible portion of production — software, process controls, communication systems — and the hardware, machines and installations. Essential! It is the mechatronic specialists who make our innovations in digital packaging printing into tangible reality in our daily work. It’s a career that already has one foot in the future today — meaning it is very well positioned for tomorrow. Including at Christiansen Print: anyone interested in an internship is welcome to come learn about the profession, and our company!

After the training is complete, there are a variety of opportunities to move forward in the company or gain further qualifications: including as an IHK-certified Industriemeister (Industrial Professional specialising in Mechatronics) or as a Machine Technology Specialist (Mechatronics). Those interested in going even further down the academic road can earn an associate's degree or even a Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Mechatronics or Mechatronics in Production and Manufacturing.