Direct involvement with digital print approval

05.02.2021 Print approval is an essential part of our cooperation with our customers. Due to the current circumstances and the challenges posed by the pandemic, Christiansen Print has designed a digital print approval process so that you can supervise printing remotely and flexibly, regardless of location.

When creating printed materials, colour intensity, colour accuracy, gloss, registration and many other technical details are required. At the end of the day, the aim is to achieve an all-round optimal print result for you. To ensure that this succeeds and for you to coordinate further processing of the printed paper rolls, there is a print approval process. Print approval involves a discussion and comparison of technical parameters with you on the basis of a press proof. Above all, the correctness and mixture of the paint used is particularly important.

The technical authenticity of a colour shade is determined by measuring the Delta E value. We always check this during print approval and also compare samples with the press proof. During print approval, further technical details can also be discussed on the basis of the press proof and, if necessary, corrected so that series production runs perfectly.

Special times require special measures – we are happy to offer you individual and digital print approval for your projects. This means that despite the distance, you can be virtually present with a press proof, can follow measurement of the Delta E value live, and at the same time increase your process speed.

Do you think the idea of a digital print approval suits your project? Then please contact us. We will examine the individual possibilities of digital print approval together and would be happy to involve you and your colleagues.