Brand Experiences

More than just packaging – an unforgettable brand experience! Today’s high-quality printing on packaging and displays made from corrugated cardboard offers possibilities never available before for “transporting” – in the widest interpretation of the word – brand messages and signals. Starting with the customised design, in digital web press printing Christiansen Print can deliver colour brilliance and consistent print colours thanks to its perfect paper selection and outstanding image reproductions. This attracts maximum attention to the products. However, corrugated cardboard preprint can now do so much more. It can establish packaging and displays as individual, interactive experiences and dialogue surfaces between brand and consumer. Smart printing offers brand owners almost endless possibilities for communicating directly with consumers via packaging. Christiansen Print opens up these dimensions in digital preprint on the HP PageWide T1100S: Personalisation and customisation create unique purchasing experiences; Link Technology and digital watermarks connect artificial intelligence and augmented reality with the analogue world. This enables consumers to fully and actively experience the image, emotionality and intrinsic value of a product, customer-loyalty factors which have a significant impact on the purchase decision.


Paper quality and paper selection – brand experiences one can see and feel

Each paper type has its own qualities as regards functionality and resilience, and also in aesthetics. Use of a specific paper type can create a particular brand identity and leverage recall value amongst consumers.
When it comes to paper selection for preprint, both the specifications of the corrugated cardboard producer and the requirements of the brand are important considerations in the finished packaging. For example, either particularly resilient craftliner paper made from fresh fibres or testliner recycling paper made from shorter fibres is used.
Christiansen Print is certified with the FSC® quality seal for sustainable paper management. FSC®-certified papers therefore form the majority of the paper used in production at Christiansen Print. The three sites and three different, innovative print technologies are in a position to create the most demanding solutions and brand experiences and some of these can be extraordinarily visual and sensory such as with packaging made from printed grass paper.


Constantly brilliant colours and variable print images – for visual brand experiences

Consistent and high-quality print quality, whether from flexo or digital preprint, are what differentiates Christiansen Print – exceptionally fine colour gradients, excellent colour brilliance and particularity realistic design options such as three-dimensional effects.
Our digital printing with its multi-lane print architecture also offers specific flexibility for every brand image. Furthermore, different print images can be produced in offset quality on one paper roll and without any restrictions in colour numbers. The CMYK colour model can simulate many special colours which minimises colour variations.
Digital preprint enables customisation even for the smallest print runs which is ideal for special campaigns and special offers. Different designs on series products intensify the customer’s brand experience. They constantly attract attention at the POS to what’s new and make it easier to differentiate between the different products on the shelf. Therefore, Christiansen Print ensures a reliable recall ability and value appreciation whilst at the same time creating a very varied brand image presence.


Information, fun, excitement –  create interactive brand experiences with smart printing packaging

Smart digital printing creates inspiring brand experiences. Always new looks and messaging on packaging and displays – with segmented, versioned and personalised packaging designs consumers’ wishes for a personalised shopping experience can be met in full - and produced cost-effectively in preprint.

Personalised purchasing experiences: packaged individually – sold better. Brand owners and the retail sector benefit from an increased willingness to purchase and higher customer brand loyalty whilst at the same time generating higher sales margins.

Digital watermarks and Link Technology: Corrugated cardboard has become a surface for interaction. Digital data codes embedded in the packaging use apps to communicate with potential customers. Customers can call up additional information about a product with a smartphone or tablet, find out about interesting related products, access video links such as instructions, enter a prize draw.....Is there a rosé version of this red wine? What is the best type of frame and setting for my work of art?  … fun, excitement and practical help, very easy, up-to-date and smart.

Genuine, active customer dialogue in all dimensions – this creates intensive customer loyalty. Exciting brand experience surfaces, customer targeting across all digital channels, very easy switching between offline and online, between the real and the digital worlds – this is how brand producers and the retail sector win the hearts of smart shoppers.