Large-format printing on paper

For the best paper-based large-format printing, purchase it from Christiansen Print! We print large-formats for branded goods manufacturers and industry: These include large-format prints for corrugated cardboard and packaging production, as wrapping paper, advertising banners and advertising materials through to wallpaper prints and large industrial preprints. Do not restrict your big ideas! At Christiansen Print you can obtain digitally-printed and flexo-printed large-formats in XXL.

At Christiansen Print we use state-of-the-art printers to create our large-format prints. We select the appropriate technology for you based on your requirements:

Large-format prints using the digital printing process

In our printing works in Ilsenburg we produce particularly large paper formats on the world's largest digital printer. In theory the print length of an entire paper roll – in other words 8,000 metres – can be printed on the machine. The maximum paper width of the large-format prints is 2,800 mm.

Setup times are rapid in this digital environment: As digital printing is a contactless print process, no print forms or printing plates need to be prepared for the large-format printing. One PDF file suffices. The screen width is always 472 lines/cm irrespective of the paper types used. Furthermore, the quality of large-format prints with a resolution of 1,200 dpi even reaches offset level.

Digital large-format prints are produced using the CMYK colour model. This model consists of the base colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black from which additional colours can be printed.

Our system enables large-format prints to be processed with extreme flexibility as the paper rolls can be divided into lanes which means that different large-format jobs can be printed in parallel. Customisable, flexible, time and cost saving – this is large-format printing!

Large-format prints using the flexo preprint process

Our flexo printers produce large-format prints using the belt process. This is an innovative and patented preprint technology enabling virtually endless print lengths with the same large-format designs to be printed through the print belt. Flexible print forms (printing plates made from photopolymers) are applied to the belts. This enables individual large-format prints up to a length of 4.57 m to be created.

Flexo-printed large-format prints stand out due to their excellent print quality. They are therefore a first-class alternative to offset printed large-formats which require comparatively high paper grammages (standard 180 g/m²) and are subject to considerable restrictions, depending on the format and quality of the paper used.

Large-format prints can be produced continuously on the belt systems. Setup times are minimal, or non-existent. This means that large-format prints can be produced extremely cost-effectively and are therefore often selected for large print runs.

We use water-based, environmental and also cost-effective flexo-colours for the production of large-format prints in the belt process. Large-format prints with up to eight colours (alternatively up to seven colours plus varnish) can be produced on our printers. Flexo printing is particularly well-suited for patterned displays and solid colours. Flexo preprint – for large-format printing in captivating quality.