Personalised Printing

Every package and every display is unique; endowed with its own identity. The digital multi-lane printing process on our HP PageWide T1100S opens up exclusive opportunities for consumer dialogue for brands and the retail sector. Personal communication with the customer, limited editions, daily updated campaigns at the point of sale and customised advertising on shipping packages. Personalised printing is also essential in an age of increased competition in online retailing. Digital web press printing from Christiansen Print packages and transmits your brand message in the highest-quality and most customised way possible.

Personalised printing on packaging consolidates brand loyalty

Today's consumers are very demanding. It is important to them that products and also the “product outfit” are customised to them and their interests. Added to this, it is proven that consumers spend considerably more money on goods in packaging with personalised printing than they spend on standard packaging. This means that designs always need new ideas and creative solutions. Product lifecycles are also generally becoming shorter. Therefore anyone able to communicate personally and relevantly with their customers through displays and packaging design, will be building positively on brand loyalty and securing a competitive advantage.


Personalised packaging and display solutions – implemented particularly economically

By using personalisation, segmentation and versioning in its digital web press, Christiansen Print focuses on a fast response and precision in each and every customer message.
Be they highly topical displays, special sales campaigns and decorative elements, seasonal and regional campaigns or packaging designed with texts and images from the customer, personalised printing on packaging and displays enables you to create diverse brand experiences which attract and inspire your customers directly – at all times and at all locations of the purchase, in-store, pre-sale or post-sale.
Digital preprint is ideal for personalised packaging printing. Orders of up to a total volume of 50,000 m², and also extremely small print runs and individual pieces can be created cost-effectively. In the multi-lane process, different print orders with various batch sizes and formats can be produced in parallel – a guarantee for ultimate flexibility, cost-effectiveness and time-to-market.


Substrates and colours for personalised printing

Along with a wide range of finishing and varnishing options, a wide spectrum of different papers can be used – from recycling qualities through to coated fresh fibre papers and cardboard with a weight of 80 to 400 g/m².
Water and pigment-based CMYK colours are used for the printing as they are ideally suited for use in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. This enables us to achieve a consistent and outstanding print quality, brilliance and true colours at offset level.


Personalised printing of unique pieces in dialogue with the customer

Smart communications via packaging with invisible codes.“Digital watermarks”, ID-Codes and links can be embedded into the print image of the product packaging. This does not impair the printing quality. Consumers can use their smartphones to scan the packaging for more information about the product or manufacturer, access current videos, campaigns or enter prize draws. This creates surfaces for dialogue, opens up exciting interaction opportunities and calls-to-action. This is how brands and retailers fulfil the need for a customised shopping experience and for personal communication between the individual and the brand.

Through personalised printing and the subsequent digital dialogue, customer data can be captured and individual customer behaviour can be analysed and evaluated. This then leads to an even more focused targeting of each individual customer and more intensive, precise communications. Personalised printing that delivers sustainable, long-term added value.

Individual security features can also be integrated into personalised packaging. Unique codes for each individual package prove the unique product identity and brand authenticity. The embedded data code ensures Track & Trace along the entire supply chain of a product. This provides retailers, brands and consumers with effective forgery protection.