Printing counterfeit protection

Use the best tools to protect your brand effectively against counterfeit, imitation and misuse. This issue is the utmost priority for global brands and digital preprint is the compelling answer. Digital preprint simply integrates innovative security solutions directly into the corrugated cardboard, transforming product and transportation packaging into true tracking marvels. With invisible, embedded security features and Link technology, seamless Track & Trace, the traceability of every single product throughout the supply chain as well as RFID chips for the printed paper rolls, Christiansen Print sets new benchmarks in counterfeit protection and creates the crucial extra security feature.


Counterfeit protection is “concealed” in the print image by an ID-Code

Christiansen Print’s HP PageWide T1100S, the biggest digital printer for corrugated cardboard packaging on the market, with its future-oriented multi-lane print architecture (MLPA), can do much more than print different orders in a range of format sizes and print run volumes on individual lanes.

Customisation and serialisation also enable digital security solutions to be printed onto the packaging itself because counterfeit protection can now be integrated directly into the printing process. Each single print image can be furnished with unique, concealed security features which do not change the visual appearance or impair the quality of the print image and which can for example be “concealed” in a photo.
This gives every packaging unit its own identity making brand authenticity of merchandise to be easily and securely verified.


Seamless Track & Trace protects against counterfeits

Traceability: Invisible embedded unique serial numbers and/or Link technology enable Track & Trace along the entire supply chain of your product – and in real time. This is easier and more secure than a traditional barcode or a code in the form of a label stuck onto the corrugated cardboard packaging later and which could possibly be removed again.

Different functions in the product life cycle. The specific identifying markers make it possible to track goods throughout their entire product lifecycle – from production control in manufacturing, through the packaging and shipping status and during the entire sales process – from in-store, pre-purchase and post-purchase – as well as for customer registration and customer loyalty.

“That’s authentic!” Invisible security features are authenticity markers. The unique code verifies the authenticity at all times and therefore protects your product from forgery, counterfeit and misuse. Digitally-printed counterfeit protection closes security gaps and is a genuine value-add for the brand.


Tamper-proof and convenient: 40% time-saving at the till through Link technology

Unique serial numbers and Link technology make products tamper-proof and considerably easier to handle. The Digimarc® barcode for example cannot be detected by the human eye, but is printed across the entire surface of product packaging made from corrugated cardboard. This means when it is scanned at the till it doesn't matter how and from what angle the packaging moves over it. This makes Digimarc® considerably faster to process than a traditional barcode and also means less stress for till staff along with easy customer registration and customer loyalty.


RFID chip in the core of every paper roll –
Effective counterfeit protection through traceability throughout the entire lifecycle

When requested, RFID chip technology is used by Christiansen Print to ensure the automatic identification of a paper roll across its entire lifecycle and processing process – from preprint in the plant through to warehousing and full consumption at the customer.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is a contactless communications technology which transfers information to identify people, objects and goods. The system consists of a data medium in the form of a transponder the size of a grain of rice and a scanner that can contactlessly retrieve and store information using weak electromagnetic waves.

On customer request every printed paper roll which leaves Christiansen Print can be fitted with RFID transponders. It then has its own chip, safely concealed in the sleeve core – before the paper is wrapped with us on the sleeve. The transponder then remains perfectly protected inside the roll throughout the entire life cycle and is not damaged or lost. Its benefits are clear to see as it is more reliable, easier, faster and more up-to-date than a barcode which always has to be perfectly positioned in relation to the forklift for data capture and relabelled after every production step.

Automatic data collection and updating via a “digital RFID delivery note” – always up-to-date, secure and transparent. RFID facilitates the administration in the SAP-System, controls consumption and perfects the traceability of the papers used. This is a crucial benefit over the competition, for instance, in the sensitive food sector.