Digital printing

Since 2017, Christiansen Print has been supporting industry, retail and brand owners to meet the continuously increasing requirements for product, display and transportation packaging and to take advantage of market opportunities by using its
know-how, the biggest multi-lane digital printer for corrugators on the market - the HP PageWide T1100S - together with a fully digitalised workflow.

The benefits of digital printing

Digital packaging printing not only offers opportunities for segmentation, versioning and personalisation – irrespective of the batch size or substrate, it also closes security vulnerabilities through Link technology and the positioning of individual serial numbers, shortens time-to-market, reduces waste and minimises inventories.
Digital packaging printing creates surfaces for dialogue for smart shoppers on packaging and displays made from corrugated cardboard or solid cardboard. It connects consumers, brands, industry and retail and creates valuable insights into consumer behaviour.

When it comes to responding to requirements, needs and customer wishes, these can be fulfilled more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before with digital packaging printing – and with optimised overall costs and outstanding print quality.
Unlike traditional digital preprint which previously was only used for short or ultra-short print runs, the HP PageWide T1100S also cost-effectively supports the production of larger print runs printed in individual lanes in the multi-lane process. The technology therefore also meets the packaging requirements of brand producers for volumes and for flexibility in the FMCG segment.


Digital packaging printing: Benefits for industry and retail

What role will packaging play in tomorrow's retail sector? According to the most recent study from IFH Köln, in Germany alone 64.25 million consumers consult their smartphone every day to visit the worldwide web. These are smart shoppers who are ready for a genuine dialogue with retail and brands. Their number is growing rapidly and so are their demands.

According to the study, 65% of consumers, and amongst smart consumers even 78%, want to be able to call up extra information about the product from the packaging to help them make a more precise, safer and more convenient product selection. The study also stated that every third consumer was interested in personalised purchasing experiences and better interaction opportunities via the product or sales surface. In principle a closer consumer involvement is required when it is a question of how products and services are sold, packaged, shipped and used.

Digital printing creates security and better processing. Individual serial numbers and link technology make products tamper-proof and convenient to process. Track & Trace along the supply chain and time saving of up to 40% at the counter and till.

Digital packaging printing creates surfaces for dialogue. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, intertwined with digitally printed packaging catapult the possibilities of interaction with consumers into a new dimension.
Embedded Digital Links support consumers in the switch between the real and the digital world. When living, working, playing, making contacts and shopping, digital printing enables retailers to personally communicate with consumers at precisely the right moment – to create customer loyalty before, during and after the purchase.

Acquire valuable data through digital printing – in-store, pre-purchase and post-purchase. Analyse and evaluate consumer behaviour. Digital links integrated into packaging open up profound insights into consumer behaviour. Observe, evaluate, control, personalise and respond more quickly to new requirements and needs.

Be faster and more cost-effective in the market with digitally printed packaging, for both huge and very small print runs. For shipping, product, industrial and sales packaging and displays. Shorter time-to-market, reduced waste and minimised inventories, optimised overall costs and supply chain – customer requirements can be fulfilled more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before and with outstanding print quality.

Better selling with digital packaging printing: Segmentation, versioning and customisation, different packaging for every season, every region and every generation, celebrate other displays and generate higher margins, because consumers spend much more money on customised products.


Digital packaging printing: Benefits for brand owners

Digital packaging printing opens up a universe of totally new opportunities and offers opportunities and future perspectives which remain untapped with other printing technologies. Since 2017, Christiansen Print as the first preprint printer in Germany, has been supporting national and international brands with know-how, impressive technology – the biggest multi-lane digital printer for corrugated cardboard packaging on the market – and with a fully digitalised workflow to take advantage of the change and its opportunities.

With digital printing, more secure, more cost-effective and nearer to the consumer. Digitally printed packaging can be equipped with individual serial numbers and link technology. This enables Track & Trace of the individual product in real time throughout its entire lifecycle. Effective protection against fraud and misuse. And there is also a processing gain because individual ID codes can be embedded across the entire surface of the corrugated cardboard packaging. This means that the packages can be scanned much more easily from all sides at the counter making till processing faster than with traditional barcodes.

Digital printing creates surfaces for experiences and dialogue between the brand and the consumer: Segmented, versioned and personalised packaging designs meet consumer demands for an individual shopping experience, however big or small the print run may be. Digitally printed packaging also opens what is surely the most important door to the consumer for future retail opportunities, namely communication.
Packaging becomes a surface for dialogue between the brand and the consumer, between the real and the digital world.

Digital packaging printing enables a more profound insight into consumer behaviour. Observe, evaluate, control, personalise and respond more quickly to new requirements and needs. Communicate personally with the consumer at precisely the right moment. Create customer loyalty before, during and after the purchase.

Competitive advantages through shorter time-to-market and optimised costs. Through our company-wide digital workflow and cloud-based automation of previously manual repro work, Christiansen Print has reduced delivery times to 1/5 of the standard.  


Digital Pack – Christiansen Print is a member of the first worldwide network for digital printing in the packaging market

Digital Pack was founded in June 2019 by HP and nine other companies and is the first worldwide brand-oriented digital printing network group for corrugated cardboard packaging and displays.

The objective is to help brands achieve success through digitally printed packaging and displays and to support them with the necessary speed, efficiency and agility for successful results in their marketing and supply chain.

The association meets regularly in North American and European sites and is developing further opportunities for enhancing purchasing experiences through digital packaging printing. The initiative includes common training programs and tools to inform and inspire brands about the advertising opportunities inherent in digital packaging printing. Digital Pack is also working on further simplifying the prepress processes and workflow and the production processes of print results.